TurboDiesel swap modern TDI without factory electronics using Arduino based controller

I have been looking at the feasibility of swapping a modern diesel into a project car, i ran across some threads on various message boards that indicated people have used embedded linux systems to make the swap feasible. here are some highlights from a website i ran across during my searches.


  • Makes TDI engine conversions simple
  • Uses existing sensors
  • Fully configurable to match engine / turbo setup
  • VNT turbo control
  • Auxiliary maps custom functions (like dual turbo changeover map, fans, etc.)
  • Affordable hardware
  • Live configuration over USB
  • Should also work with inline pumps (MB diesel engines)
  • Current status: works fine – used with daily driven car.

I would like to try using an OM606t to swap into a w463 gwagen, to have a unique daily driver. this might be the ticket to making this possible.


more to come