Texas vacation…

It has been awhile since i had a real Vacation. This christmas we are spending time with family in the dallas fort worth area. We drove here straight , only stopping for fuel and food. Total drive time was around 23 hours. It wasnt too hard since we decided to leave early and switch drivers ever fillup. My first night out we ate at Babe’s. if you havent been there, you should try the fried chicken.. Im guessing they use lard instead of oil. It tastes magical.

Since the there are a couple of ipad’s here i have had a chance to play with digital physician and i think the mobile version works pretty seamlessly, the added animations on the apple platform just make the experence seem cooler. I still like my kindle since it is smaller, but the keyboard is more usable. Hopefully the update for the kindle fixes the keyboard.


The kids are having a blast with theyre cousins. I am really glad they have a chance to see them. Hopefully we can visit on a more regular basis.


I am looking forward to going skeet shooting and eating a ton of great food.