DIY flexible cable ties (CHEAP)


I bought some reusable wire ties from MicroCenter (GearTie was the brand i bought: and cleaned up my cabling quite a bit. In retrospect, it was not very inexpensive and i was thinking there had to be a better alternative. Today on Lifehacker i ran across a DIY showing how to make your own reusable wire ties and i thought i would share.


Here is what i bought from ebay to make my own:

550 7 Strand Type III Mil-Spec Survival Paracord – 10′, 25′, 50′, 100′      200 colors and counting MADE IN USA Free Fast Shipping!

I chose the Acid Purple



40 Feet of Aluminum Ground Wire NIP Radio Shack #15-035


















Here is what is should look like when completed (mine will be purple though)

















I will post some pictures once i make mine, i went with the Acid purple paracord, since i thought it was different. You can buy a large number of colors from that vendor. I will keep some of these in my toolbox and some will get used in my entertainment center.


Feel free to comment on other inexpensive cable management solutions.