Nokero N200 solar-powered light bulb

Nokero N200 A Water Proof solar powered light bulb.

Ok, this totally is cool. imagine, you are on a mission tip in a remote area, and need lighting for those late nights digging trenches in the forest…  or just for your porch keeping a well lit area without impacting your electric bill.

whatever the case, this is cool…

BTW i saw this over at Engadget ( in case you wanted to read any info they had.

Here is the manufacturer website:

Here is the press release (N200AnnouncementPress112010)

Some FAQ’s from the website:

Q: How does Nokero work?
A: Nokero’s four solar panels charge a 1000 milliamp NiMH battery housed inside the bulb. The bulb then delivers power to five LED bulbs mounted inside the globe. The bulb does not slowly become dimmer – when the battery runs out, the bulb shuts off automatically. It can then be recharged in sunlight and used again in any dark setting.

Q: Can it withstand harsh weather?
A: Nokero is durable, rainproof, and built of impact-resistant plastic. It can withstand the snow, but it will last longer if not exposed to daily freezing/thawing.

Q: What size is Nokero?
A: It is 70 mm (2.76 in) in diameter and 125mm (4.92 in) high, or about the size of a standard lightbulb.

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: About 6 ounces.

Q: How many bulbs fit in a shipping container? A: A 20′ container is 760 master cartons with 48 pcs in each for a total bulb count of 36,480 pcs. Production lead time is 5-6 weeks ex factory.

Q: How expensive is Nokero?
A: Nokero is the world’s most affordable alternative to kerosene lanterns, and pays for itself within weeks or months if replacing a kerosene lantern. A single sample is $15 + shipping and handling. Bulk purchases of 1,000 or more receive significant discount (dealer/distributor applications available at

Q: What is the lifespan of the bulb?
A: Nokero has a replaceable battery, which means it can last many years if it’s well taken care of. Its LEDs can last for more than a decade, its solar panels for more than two years, and its battery for two years. The battery is easily replaced for a very small fee (about $1 US).

Q: How do I become a Nokero dealer?
A: We are looking for qualified partners to distribute Nokero to the people who need it most. Visit our dealer page, fill out the online form, and we will contact you with pricing and commercial ordering information.

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