My new ride

So since some idiot totaled my 2000 Jetta GLS TDI, i decided to go in a different direction as far as a replacement car. I purchased a 1986 Mercedes 300SDL with 170k on the clock. Black with Silver two tone paint. We flew into SFO airport and drove the car back to southern california. It was a bit of an adventure, after quite a bit of inspection i was certain the car was mechanically sound, however once on the open road i found the car lacked the power to maintain speeds up a slight grade. This proved to be very interesting as we made our way up the grapevine at a mere 45 miles an hour and blew the emergency flasher relay and ended up with electrical issues.

I was a bit disappointed, and even regretted purchasing the car. however my outlook changed considerably when i found the lack of power was due to a simple plugged vacuum line that controller turbo boost.  after repairing this small vacuum line and cleaning the connection on the intake manifold the car was all i was hoping for.

I immediately began purchasing some upgrade parts and maint parts and got to work building my new toy. here is a partial list of the parts I’ve purchased:





  • closed cell foam bolsters for the front seats (to increase stability of seats and provide more support, these are a factory part number from Mercedes)
  • Bosch pencil style glow plugs
  • an updated custom grill
  • Depo smoked tail lights
  • Euro style headlights with h3 fog lights and city lights (glass lens)
  • Smoked corner lights
  • Monark Diesel Nozzles for the injectors
  • Replacement fuel lines hard and soft
  • Replacement passenger side vanity mirror (mine was broken)
  • new fuel filters
  • Oil change with Shell Rotella 5w50 Synthetic Diesel oil

now here is what still needs to be done:

  • Fix A/C
  • Paint car with new black on black paint
  • Balance wheels
  • Alignment

Fun things i’m looking to do in the future

  • Variable Geometry turbo charger Holset HX35 turbo
  • Custom Turbo controller from Hella or Fleece performance to control the vanes of the turbo
  • Fuel Heater element
  • Electric Lift pump by the tank

Here are a few pictures from the fun: