Tablets on your mind?

Ok big deal. the Apple Ipad2 has been announced. BORING!!!!  I’m tired of all the hype behind apple products. and i don’t buy into the cult of personality that is Apple / Jobs. I would like to have a tablet, and i admire the multitouch, battery life and performance of the new device, it is simply too restricting on features it should have to be truely useful to me. I saw the new ASUS Slate tablet (you can read about it on SlashGear here: ) and i have seen previous companies come out with tablets such as the WeTab but one glaring feature is missing. one word Sunlight!  what happens when you use the device outdoors. this goes for iPad as well. it washes out and is hard to read. At least the apple iPad has decent battery life while being unusable outdoors.

Ok i blogged about PixelQI last year and now there is an official tablet you can order with one of these awesome color e-reader screens. I’m placing my order as soon as i can. To get on the list, visit the following site and enter your email address.

for more information on this product visit the site :

One of my favorite feature is the adaptive screen that goes from backlit to e-reader depending on conditions.

Here are a few pictures for the Adam (the initial product)