Group Policy Preferences not saved!

Ok, i have been fighting with this for a few days and i though i would share the fix i found.

i found the info on this other blog (google helped me find florian’s blog)

This is a feature with Group Policy Preferences. The issue goes back to the days when MS took over the product and “customized” to fit it into Windows Server 2008 and Vista RSAT now. The underlining you see under the setting simply dictates whether the setting will be applied by a client or not. Red means “clients won’t get that setting” – green means “clients will get that setting”. To switch between green and red, you need to use the function keys F5-F8:

F5 – Mark all settings on the page as “green” (apply all)

F6 – Mark current setting as “green” (apply this setting)

F7 – Mark current setting as “red” (don’t apply this setting)

F8 – Mark all settings on the page as “red” (don’t apply).

When changing the color of the underline, you will see the settings get saved.

im testing this now. i will follow up and let you know how it went. im super happy florian blogged about this solution. thanks man!