Interesting Mashup of Architecture photography

I ran across this Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin;s work and it looks pretty interesting. He shoots buildings around his town of Ghent and then does some photoshop madness to mash them up into impossible (and frickin’ beautiful) structures he calls “Fictions.”


To see more of his work, you can visit his site here:


Enjoy these screen-shots i took to showcase his work:


Screenshot_28 Screenshot_27 Screenshot_26 Screenshot_25 Screenshot_24 Screenshot_23 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_21 Screenshot_20 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14 Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_4 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_1