300 SDL On-Going Maintenance

I have started doing some suspension maintenance and i have realized i have a long way to go until i am happy with the car. I had some severe front end wobble that turned out to be worn tie-rod ends as well as a messed up center drag link and steering damper. I had those items fixed and then the wheel bearings are shot. i found an alignment shop “Pruetts precision alignment in Redlands ca and they were able to sort out the mess caused by the front end work. I highly recommend them for anyone in the area that has a classic Mercedes that needs alignment.

On the way to work today the shaking from the wheel bearing was so bad that i lost my center wheel cap on the passenger side. you can see all the grease and metal shavings falling out through the hole. I ordered the parts and hopefully i can get them installed later today.

I have also given some thought to the idea of changing out my wheels.  or at least changing the front wheel adapters. The adapters on the car are hub centric, (which helps reduce vibration) but they are not wheel centric which means it is unlikely that i will have no vibration with my current setup. I found some adapters online but it appears the company is out of business: http://www.gilracing.com/

If anyone has info on well made adapters please drop me a line. ( a local retail wheel installer claims to make these on demand, but i haven’t seen if they have the steel ball inserts or not)

I kind of like the idea of buying factory S class wheels from a newer model and running either 16″ or 17″ factory wheels. im not sure if i need adapters or not.

here is an example of some factory s-class wheels: (18″ though)














im really liking the steering now since i went from vague and having to constantly correct as i drove straight to more controlled steering. (i had thought it was due to my steering box but that is clearly not the case)

here are some items on my hit list:

  • rebuild my steering box to stop the power steering leak.
  • install new belts and tensioners/pully’s
  • install the Monark injector nozzles i purchased (and r&r the injectors using shims from http://www.mercedessource.com/)
  • possible wheel and tire upgrades.

i have received my headlight assembly’s (Depo Euro style) and i have received the adapter plugs. but i have yet to install them.


more pics to come