Verizon High Speed Internet Support

Well, here is goes again. The dreaded call to Verizon (or insert pretty much any telco) to find out why the service of one of my customers is down.

This time it turns out they upgraded the line to static, but they did it without scheduling the cut-over.  This means the firewall was still configured to use DHCP (Dynamic Addressing) and basically the customer had a loss of service.

I called tech support multiple times and was bounced around from agent to agent. After a bit of frustration i decided to google “Verizon High Speed Internet Tech Support” to make sure i was calling the right number. After no luck with Verizon’s own support site, i ended up at a post on “” titled “7 confessions of a Verizon DSL tech support rep” (link provided here)


I found the following contact information that was really helpful and the staff was US Based and English Speaking as the first language. I spoke to a nice lady who informed me that the customer cut-over happened as planned (in verizon’s provisioning instructions) and i would have to change the router to static to get the customer online again. Fortunately i was able to walk the customer through the process and it was relatively painless. (thanks to a patient customer)





  • 1-888-427-1405 (Business Customers Only) – This is the phone number that we would use to call internal departments. The only real difference from this number and the one provided to the customer is instead of having to talk to the IVR and have it ultimately mess up where you want to go, you are given simple number prompts for where you want to go.
    o 1 – Technical Support
    o 2 – Billing
    o 3 – Used to be sales
    o 4- Cancellations/Retention

If you have the time follow the link above and read the post. I provided this information so that others can easily find it as well and not have to get transferred 8 times and hung up on while trying to resolve a problem.