Inexpensive, Powerful and fully managable Blade Systems

If you are looking to deploy a blade system for new server deployments, server consolidation or virtualization projects, you should seriously consider supermicro.

Especially if you have iscsi for storage. Need high performance networking, and the ability to run a mix of intel and amd in the same chassis.

The offering is so cost effective you can afford spare parts to be able to offer a decent SLA.

Read the following for more info:

Completed Install showing the Blade Power Distribution and management from WTI (Western Telematic)

The blades at the top are part of our staging and recovery blade system. the lower two units are the Twinblades

This is one of the many management screens from the blade system management. you have the ability to use the embedded KVM over IP to gain out of band management to the blades.

The configuration shows gives us 12 nodes

2x Xeon Quad Core (Nehalem) Processors

48gb DDR 1333 Registered Memory

Intel X25 SSD drives for boot environment (Running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition)