low power color displays

Quite a while ago i ran across a hybrid display technology from a company named

PixelQI. This display held the promise of better daylight viability, low cost and extended battery life. The makers intended this to be used with the one laptop per child initiative.

Well what really got me going was the manufacturer was also planning on releasing a DIY, or Do It Yourself kit for current owners of netbooks.

Well, the product is finally available. it may not be super cheap right now, but its available.

click the following link to buy one:


here is the link to the company that makes the screens:


If you are looking for ideas on how to install one of these, or looking for help after you bought one, try the forum over at Make Magazine, i think you will find what you were looking for:


here are some great pictures from PixelQI showing the screen compared to others products.

[cincopa AIIAUXq5Khv2]